Statement on Professionalism

In the Research Environment

As the success of the LEGEND experimental effort relies upon the free exchange of ideas by a diverse scientific collaboration in a hostility-free forum, it is in the interest of the Collaboration to ensure that all of its  members are treated only with respect and civility. As such, the Collaboration adopts the spirit of the policies enacted by many Scientific Institutions, including:


  • For professional issues like authorship, we adopt APS
  • For additional general diversity issues, we adopt CERN
  • For sexual harassment we adopt the spirit of the MPG


Members of the Collaboration who feel they have been treated unfairly, disrespected or harassed are strongly encouraged to bring this to the attention of the SC via its Diversity & Inclusive Liaison, Young Member Representatives, any other SC members, or their Institutional Representative. The SC will consider how best to remedy the situation and to ensure no retribution is enacted upon the reporter and/or the target of improper behavior. It should be noted that certain University or Laboratory personnel may be classified as “Mandatory Reporters” and the SC may not be able to guarantee privacy or anonymity in all cases where it is desired by the aggrieved parties. These statements and guidelines can be found at the following links:



Code of Conduct for APS Meetings

APS Joint Diversity Statement

APS Statement on the status of Women in Physics

APS Treatment of Subordinates

APS Protection against Discrimination

APS Policy on Equal Professional Opportunity

Collection of links from the DFG

Links to CERN’s code of conduct