Collaborator Rights and Obligations

The LEGEND collaboration expects its members to aim for the success of the experiment and contribute accordingly. They are expected to participate in the preparation of proposals for and the construction of LEGEND; in the operation, maintenance and possible future upgrades of the detector; and in the data taking and data analysis.

Each member of the collaboration has the right to access and to analyze the experimental data. However, publications and any public presentations of previously unpublished material require the prior release by the collaboration according to the relevant policies.


All collaboration members are expected to attend the collaboration meetings on a regular basis.


All collaboration members are expected to conduct themselves in ways that support a civil environment, consistent with the “LEGEND Collaboration Statement on Professionalism in the Research Environment,” when attending meetings sponsored by the Collaboration, and when conducting business for and on behalf of the Collaboration.


Collaborators have the right to access collaboration electronic services, including the internal web pages, mailing lists, document server, and software repository; to access data; to attend internal meetings; and to review public documents and presentations.